Chocolate Milk Nougat / Taffy

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Our chocolate milk flavor is made with real unsweetened chocolate and paired with the delightful nuttiness of freshly roasted peanuts. As always, we make sure they are not too sweet and made with simple, functional ingredients making these a great sweet treat you and your entire family can enjoy!

~ No Artificial Ingredients ~ Gluten-Free ~ Non-GMO ~ Low Sugar ~ High Protein

Ingredients: Maltose (Malt, Rice, Water), Grade A Pasteurized non-RBST Milk Powder, Peanuts (Peanuts, Salt), Unsweetened Chocolate, Egg Whites, Grass-Fed Butter

Allergens: Milk, Eggs, and Peanuts

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all natural

low sugar

high protein

gluten free

the numa difference

Numa Laffy Taffy Hi Chew
all natural yes no no
sugar 8g 14g 16g
protein 4g 0g 0g
vitamins 5-10 0 0

What our customers have to say

These are such a tasty snack, and I love that they have less sugar and use all natural ingredients that make a healthier snack for my children (and me) rather than the typical sugary snack. Perfect for taking on the go!

Like a taste of my childhood, but healthier! Love that I can feel better about eating these.

Sooooo delicious! Hard to stop at just one piece, very natural tasting!

Customer Reviews

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Not edible

I could not eat it it was chewy, stuck to my teeth and hard to bite

Fantastic little snack

I was looking for a little snack that was portion controlled (individually packaged) lower in calories, chocolate and yummy. These are all of those things and more! Sweet but not too sweet and you can make them last by letting them dissolve in your mouth.

Delicious 😋

These are my favorite candies. The perfect combination of chewy and crunchy!

Chocolate delight

These are so tasty and satisfy sweet cravings without the guilt. If you like desserts that don’t give you a major sugar rush these are for you. I also love the chewy texture!

Lightly sweet / great texture / simple and fun

The flavors are all wonderful! It feels like a sweet treat without the guilt of snacking in mid-afternoon. I got my first pack a week ago, and I've kept one of the little bites in my purse every day since. Love it!