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What is a Milk Chew?

Milk chews are milk-based chewy snacks infused with nuts and dried fruit. They are inspired by Asian nougat, an extremely popular Asian treat, however, we have heard they remind people of a whole variety of childhood candies from around the world. The major difference is we are all-natural (no artificial ingredients), have much less sugar (40% less than the average candy bar), and actually contain healthy vitamins and protein.

Based on consumer feedback, if you like milk candies, taffy, nougat, caramels or peanut chews, you'll love our healthier version!

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how numa milk chews are made

We are dedicated to making our chews using traditional methods and with fresh, quality ingredients. We have no artificial anything and our chews retain all of the nutrition of its simple ingredients including more than 10 essential vitamins, protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. The only sugars we use is an all-natural sweetener distilled from fermented grains called maltose, which is 50% less sweet than normal table sugar and has been used since ancient times in Asia.

As a result we are lower in calories and sugar than the leading granola bar and candy bar in the US and offer more nutritional benefits:

How Milk Chews can be enjoyed

ways to consume numa milk chews

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