Original Creme Nougat / Taffy

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Our Original Creme flavor highlights a purely traditional milky flavor complemented with roasted peanuts and dried cranberries. Chewy & creamy with less sugar and more protein than typical candy.

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all natural

low sugar

high protein

gluten free

the numa difference

Numa Laffy Taffy Hi Chew
all natural yes no no
sugar 8g 14g 16g
protein 4g 0g 0g
vitamins 5-10 0 0

What our customers have to say

These are such a tasty snack, and I love that they have less sugar and use all natural ingredients that make a healthier snack for my children (and me) rather than the typical sugary snack. Perfect for taking on the go!

Like a taste of my childhood, but healthier! Love that I can feel better about eating these.

Sooooo delicious! Hard to stop at just one piece, very natural tasting!

Customer Reviews

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Paul Theofanis
Just like Big Hunk candy bar

Reminds me of the big hunk bars I had a long time ago without all the sugar! Excellent!

Lia Osbourn
Original Creme Nougat Taffy

Delightful. Satisfying. The combination of peanuts and cranberries is delicious.

Yummy in my tummy.

I am a bit addicted to the coconut taffy. And the coconut taffy with the peanuts and dried cranberries. My husband and daughter love the peanut butter bars. I love the black sesame peanut butter bars (the black sesame screams yummy at my Asian soul). Basically, everything is yummy!

Lauren Zuckerman-Booth
I love this healthy candy!

This candy tastes delicious. It is my favorite candy. The fact that it has calcium, protein, and low fat and sugar is a BONUS!!!

Gretchen Klanke
So yummy!

I love the flavor and especially the texture of this taffy! So satisfying!