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Meet the Milk Chew

An all-natural sweet (but not too sweet)

chewy milk treat with benefits

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Made in the USA from our family for yours.

About us

Our values

Satisfy your sweet tooth with less sugar, more vitamins

We are committed to using only wholesome, all-natural ingredients and absolutely no artificial anything, preservatives or GMOs. As a result, our chews retain all the essential vitamins, protein and other great stuff its 6 simple ingredients have to offer. 

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On the go convenience, nutrition and energy

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Locally sourced and upcycled

What fans are saying

I've never had anything like this - I love the indulgent yet healthy aspect and my kids get a kick out of them too!

Kathy S., 30

If you've ever had White Rabbit from China, you will absolutely love these. They're not only healthier, they also taste better. Love that they're not too sweet.

Sarah L., 18

Great pre or post workout snack or on-the-go treat for when I'm traveling. Just got to keep them out of my husband's hands!

Laura M., 25

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