Strawberries and Cream Taffy

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Our Strawberries & Cream flavor is a creamy, chewy delight bursting with flavor! Enjoy taffy without the excessive sugar and artificial ingredients and WITH protein and vitamins (naturally!).

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all natural

low sugar

high protein

gluten free

the numa difference

Numa Laffy Taffy Hi Chew
all natural yes no no
sugar 8g 14g 16g
protein 4g 0g 0g
vitamins 5-10 0 0

What our customers have to say

These are such a tasty snack, and I love that they have less sugar and use all natural ingredients that make a healthier snack for my children (and me) rather than the typical sugary snack. Perfect for taking on the go!

Like a taste of my childhood, but healthier! Love that I can feel better about eating these.

Sooooo delicious! Hard to stop at just one piece, very natural tasting!

Customer Reviews

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Rebecca Calkins

I’ve shared all the flavors with my chiropractor/ friend. Strawberry is his favorite.

Andrea Roman
Good taffy

It's got protein and less sugar but it still tastes sweet. The flavor is softer but it's still there.

lani Owen
a little nutrition in a taste treat

like it the best, this and banana appear to have no added sugar except in the form of rice syrup and are the creamiest. hoping i eat more fruits and food closer to creation rather than buy this tho. when i do purchase i buy with some kind of discount, free shipping etc. it's a healthier option than candy. mahalo and aloha

Bunny Cotleur
Love this stuff! I can’t get enough

I’m a taffy addict and this is the perfect treat to keep me from the 100% sugar stuff. I look forward to new flavors- love what they have so far! YUM

colett graham

I love your strawberry & cream it’s delicious.!!!! I was wondering can you add nuts to it ???