Strawberries and Cream Taffy

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Our Strawberries & Cream flavor is a creamy, chewy delight bursting with flavor! Enjoy taffy without the excessive sugar and artificial ingredients and WITH protein and vitamins (naturally!).

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all natural

low sugar

high protein

gluten free

the numa difference

Numa Laffy Taffy Hi Chew
all natural yes no no
sugar 8g 14g 16g
protein 2g 0g 0g
vitamins 5-10 0 0

What our customers have to say

These are such a tasty snack, and I love that they have less sugar and use all natural ingredients that make a healthier snack for my children (and me) rather than the typical sugary snack. Perfect for taking on the go!

Like a taste of my childhood, but healthier! Love that I can feel better about eating these.

Sooooo delicious! Hard to stop at just one piece, very natural tasting!

Customer Reviews

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Wendy M Lashman
Strawberries and cream tagfy

I purchased 2 packets. It is ok but not my favorite. The sweetness (low) level is good but the strawberry flavor is just so so and a bit fake tasting and could use a tiny touch of sour since it is a fruit. I love the coffee taffy and bought 5 bags. I want to try the vanilla. But I’m not a banana fan or peanut butter fan so won’t be trying those. I also purchased the mini peanut butter Black Sesame bars and liked them as the peanut taste was subtle but since they are small and only 8 in a bag I find them too expensive. All in all, a good treat that is lower in sugar. A very good idea. A lot of wasted packaging though makes me guilty.

Douglas Beach
They're great!

I've loved your chews ever since..., was it Kickstarter? Last time I ordered you didn't have the original flavor, is it going to be back on stock?

Delicious, Healthy Ingredients

As a longtime lover of taffy I’m very pleased to have found this very delicious, much healthier version of taffy!

Annette Anderson
So yummy

I love all the flavors of Numa taffy, and the strawberry flavor is a summer favorite.

Mahina K
Taffy memories

Love the lightly sweet strawberry flavor and the chew of a good taffy…thanks to aunty, wonderful memories pulling taffy as a kid growing up on the island of Kauaʻi, Hawaiʻi!
Your taffy brought that nostalgia flooding back and putting a silly grin on my face while savoring it… Mahalo, jMk