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5 Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Get inspiration for last minute Mother's Day gifts that are still meaningful!

Your New Unconventional Healthy Travel Snack

Looking for a new snack while on the go? Whether you travel a lot for work or you love camping and hiking, our delicious milk chews will give you a convenient boost to keep you going!

Food Waste: Broken Rice

Embedded in Numa's goal to reinstate the ancient diet is to improve the food system in all aspects, from its production to its distribution. And so, one major concern that keeps us up at night is food waste.

Maltose: Honey's Less Sweet Cousin

What is maltose? While it's name sounds unfamiliar, and thus, potentially unhealthy, maltose is a healthier alternative to other conventional sweeteners.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Whole Milk

Whole milk lovers rejoice! Here at Numa, we aim to use only whole, all-natural ingredients and for milk, that means 100% whole milk.