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Your New Unconventional Healthy Travel Snack

Looking for a new snack while on the go? Whether you travel a lot for work or you love camping and hiking, our delicious milk chews will give you a convenient boost to keep you going! 

Here are five reasons why they'll become your favorite travel snack:

1. Convenient

Each bite-sized piece also contains nuts and dried fruit so you don't have to pack them separately. Plus, now you can take your milk on the go!

2. Packed with natural nutrients

Only containing natural ingredients, each piece is a good source of calcium and iron and contains more than 10 essential vitamins.

3. Delicious

Deliciously chewy, milky, and nutty.

4. Just filling enough

With a balanced portion of healthy fats and carbs, each bite will also provide you with sustained energy to get you through your day.

5. Shareable

All of the above make them a fun new snack that you and your friends will love to pass around.


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