Creamy Coconut Taffy

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A light, chewy, and creamy coconut candy made with real coconut milk! Your taste buds will love this tropical treat.

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all natural

low sugar

dairy free

gluten free

the numa difference

Numa Laffy Taffy Hi Chew
all natural yes no no
sugar 8g 14g 16g
protein 1g 0g 0g
vitamins 5-10 0 0

What our customers have to say

These are such a tasty snack, and I love that they have less sugar and use all natural ingredients that make a healthier snack for my children (and me) rather than the typical sugary snack. Perfect for taking on the go!

Like a taste of my childhood, but healthier! Love that I can feel better about eating these.

Sooooo delicious! Hard to stop at just one piece, very natural tasting!

Customer Reviews

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Deborah Crawford
Creamy Coconut Taffy

Excellent tasting treat ! I am usually not a fan of coconut. But this lower sugar taffy tastes amazing ! It is my favorite of the flavors. I have tried them all and they are creamy & delicious ! You can not go wrong , with what ever flavor you choose. I highly recommend you try them.

L Williams
Coconutty treat

Delicious and flavorful taffy. Individually wrapped. Enjoying all the flavors. Coconut tastes exactly like the fruit.

Kipp Burnett
Not the same recipe or portion size.

No response from customer service as to why my order is not what I thought I ordered. Smaller portions sent, and the coconut is not the same. At least ship what's on your site. Also, not good customer service.

Yummy treats

These things are wonderful!

Danny Kubert

The flavor that Bonomo never produced!!