Mini Peanut Butter Black Sesame Bars

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Inspired by the popular Asian crispy peanut candies, we made ours vegan and powerfully healthy! With 40% less sugar and 200% more protein, you'll love how we only use super simple ingredients.

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all natural

low sugar

high protein

gluten free


dairy free

the numa difference

Numa Butterfinger Reese's
sugar 7g 11g 17g
protein 4g 1g 3g
carbs 12g 17g 19g
vegan yes no no

What our customers have to say

These new mini peanut butter bars are delicious! It's like a slightly less sweet version of a Butterfinger bar, with no chocolate. Superb!!

Peanut butter heaven! Deep PB flavor in a delicate bite (or two!) All 3 flavors are great. It's a delicious dilemma choosing a snack between these and the nougats.

Numa’s new Mini Peanut Butter Bars are incredible! There is a very thin, lightly sweet, crisp coating around a peanuty center.

Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth Baker

Mini Peanut Butter Black Sesame Bars

Clara Nussbaum
So delicious

I was introduced to Numa Foods by a coworker. The products from the taffy flavors to the sesame bars are as uniquely tasty as they are nutritious. My kids love them as well which provides a great alternative to unhealthy snack options. Will be purchasing again & again. Wonderful company and products.

Mahina K
Black sesame…yes!

Combination of black sesame with peanut butter is a winner! Love it, too (besides original pb)!!

Jocelyn Lee
Delicious black sesame treat!

I have a mild peanut allergy and eating this does nothing to me which makes me so happy since it’s one of my favorite healthy treats! Super delicious and not too sweet! I love how the ingredients are simple!

Jean DeFrancesco

Mini Peanut Butter Black Sesame Bars