hi, we're numa!

(it means "daughter" and "mother" in Chinese)

we make Naturally healthier sweets from my childhood - more protein and less sugar so you can indulge guilt free!

 meet Nu and Ma 

guilt-free family recipes 3000 years in the making.

Have you ever eaten a 3,000 year old candy?

Our maltose sweets are inspired by traditional recipes that have been eaten since the Shang Dynasty. We make our candies while honoring that tradition of transparency, honesty and authenticity.

My mom and I started Numa Foods to recreate the candies we grew up with and to share it with the world. We believe delicious and healthy foods can bring people and cultures together.

We base our foods on traditional, wholesome recipes and natural foods, with no artificial ingredients ever.

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All natural

Inspired by traditional recipes from before artificial food existed.

Low sugar

We use traditional maltose for 40% less sugar than other candies.

More protein

Our candy packs a punch - 200% more protein than comparable taffies! 

Dietary options

Delicious vegan, gluten free, and dairy free flavors available!

"Like a protein-packed Laffy Taffy and I can't get enough!"

- Popsugar

caffeinated coffee taffy



Taffy Lover's Variety Pack

Like a cup of coffee in your pocket!

Keep energy always within reach - without the risk of spilling! Our creamy coffee candy is naturally caffeinated with real coffee and green coffee bean extract, boasting as much caffeine as an espresso in one serving.

Enjoy taffy with natural protein and vitamins, and without excessive sugar or artificial ingredients!

This bundle includes 6x of the following:



Bundle Discount (11%):





Mindy Kaling's favorite food find in 2021

- People Magazine

One of Everything Family Variety Pack


One of Everything Family Variety Pack

Try one of everything we have to offer and and save $$$ per bag!

Each of our flavors are made with real, natural ingredients instead of artificial flavor -  for naturally lower sugar, higher protein snacks deliciously bursting with flavor and the perfect mouthwatering chew.

This bundle includes 1x bag of:



Bundle Discount (15%):





#4 in best healthy candy according to nutritionists in 2020

- Women's Health

Two pound variety bulk taffy pack


Two Pound Bulk

Variety Pack

The biggest bag. The biggest savings.

Get 70 (!!) individually wrapped taffies in this two pound assorted variety bulk pack. All bulk packs contain a varying number of the following four taffy flavors: original creme, strawberries and cream, creamy coconut, and banana cream. Great for candy trays at parties!

This bundle includes assorted quantities of:



Bulk + coupon discount (15%):




Traditional mindfulness meets modern nutrition.

We believe delicious and healthy foods can bring people and cultures together.

Numa is an extension of our own kitchen, and we're inviting you in to share a snack with us - and with it, a piece of our childhood and heritage.

It's our mission to redefine "ethnic" foods, and create a bridge through culture and connection - we’re going to meet you with what you know and, on the way, show you what we know. Join us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Products

What are the nutrition facts, ingredients and allergens?

View the full sized nutrition and ingredients label for our taffies by clicking the image below:

View the full sized nutrition and ingredients label for our peanut bars by clicking the image below:

What is the best way to store Numa?

Our taffies will get harder in the cold and softer in the heat, but still taste great when exposed to the heat or cold. They are processed at over 250 degrees F temperatures and will not spoil in the heat. They are best stored between 60-70 degrees F away from the sun. Refrigeration is not required, but if you find them a bit soft for your taste, you can toss them in for a few minutes to harden them up!

Our mini peanut butter bars will not melt in heat and are not impacted by the cold. They are best stored at room temperature away from the sun.

Help! My taffies melted.

In the summer, there will be an option to add a cold pack to your shipment, however it is not required as our taffies can handle up to 200 degrees F without spoiling. If they still arrive softer than you prefer you may try putting them in the fridge to firm them up. If they arrived in unconsumable condition, please send us a photo of them at hello@numafoods.com and we'll send you a refund.
What is maltose?
Maltose is a natural sweetener made from fermented grains (usually rice) used since Ancient Chinese times. It is 50% less sweet than normal table sugar and possesses high levels of fiber and potassium. It is the main sweetener in our taffies and often considered just as, if not more, healthy than honey.

How is your maltose upcycled?

We source our maltose only from farmers who utilize waste grains in production. Waste grains are grains that are unfit for consumption and thus, likely to be thrown out - they are the largest contribution group to food waste in the world.
Are your candies vegetarian/vegan?
Our taffy products are vegetarian, but NOT vegan as they do contain milk, butter, and egg whites.

Our mini peanut butter bars are vegan.
Are your candies gluten-free?
Yes, all our taffies and mini peanut butter bars are tested gluten-free.

What is the shelf life?

Our taffies and mini peanut butter bars are shelf-stable and have a shelf life of 12 months from the date of production.

Where are Numa candies made?

Our taffies are proudly handmade in Pennsylvania, USA in small batches.

Our mini peanut butter bars are made in Vietnam using age-old traditional processes.

Shipping and Returns

How long should I expect until I get my order?

For ground shipments in the US, please allow 5-7 business days for delivery. Orders after 3pm EST generally will not ship until the next business day.

Please note our taffies have a tendency to melt during shipping in extreme temperatures (more than 90 degrees). Packages that are left out in the sun or require multiple delivery attempts have the highest likelihood of melting – we appreciate your help in ensuring the smoothest delivery process possible.
Do you ship internationally?
We do not ship internationally at this point, but we hope to change that soon!
Do you accept returns/issue refunds?
We do not accept returns, but if you have a problem with your order, please email us at hello@numafoods.com and we will see what we can do! Refunds will be processed on a case by case basis - product photos can help us process them faster.
What if I want to order a lot of Numa?
If you have a big order for a wedding, birthday party, school event, or just really love our candies, please email us at hello@numafoods.com for a bulk order discount.
How do I become a wholesaler or affiliate?
Please email us at hello@numafoods.com or affiliates@numafoods.com. We are also available on numafoods.faire.com.

Allergen questions

What are your official allergen statements?

Taffy Candies

Original and Chocolate Milk: Contains milk, peanuts, and egg whites.

Strawberries 'n Creme and Caffinated Coffee: Contains milk and egg whites.

Creamy Coconut: Contains coconut and egg whites.

All our taffy flavors are produced in a facility that processes dairy, eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts (coconut).

Mini Peanut Butter Bars

Contain: Peanuts

Mini Peanut Butter Coconut Bars

Contains: Peanuts, Coconut (Tree Nut)

Mini Peanut Butter Black Sesame Bars

Contains; Peanuts, Black Sesame Seeds

All our mini peanut butter bars are produced in a facility that processes dairy, peanuts, tree nuts (coconut, and sesame seeds.
Are your products gluten-free?
Yes - our candies have been tested by a laboratory and confirmed to contain < 5.0 ppm.
Are your candies dairy free?
Only our Creamy Coconut taffy flavor is dairy free, all other taffy flavors contain milk and butter.

All of our mini peanut butter bars are dairy free.
Do your products contain nuts?
Strawberries & Cream, Caffeinated Coffee, and Banana Cream do not contain any nuts.
Our Original Creme and Chocolate milk taffies contain peanuts and Creamy Coconut taffy contains coconut (tree nut).

All of our mini peanut butter bars contain peanuts.